We are a distributor of consumer electronics operating
in the Central European market for 5 years.

Our superior motto is a higher level of product promotion and sales. From the very beginning of our activity, we try to actively sell the products entrusted to us in distribution, and not just meditate in the logistics chain.

We distribute leading global manufacturers of consumer electronics as well as private labels.

We prepare market reports and analyzes for the IT (hardware) and Audio / Video industries, develop and conduct sales strategies for new brands/product lines or individual products, assessing their sales potential on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. We specialize in the distribution of the so-called Volue + brands that have already proven their competitive advantages in other markets and, while not yet being global brands, I need know-how support on the Polish market and in the countries of the region. We extend the standard distribution with marketing and public relations activities, positioning Ad-words products as well as merchandising and direct promotion services.

We work with the majority of large retail chains, as well as with many specialist stores, with all distributors.

Our many years of experience in introducing new brands will save you time and money, and prior definition of a long-term strategy will reduce the risk of investment.